NEPAL: Police intrudes Dr. Raut’s privacy and security keeping him under 24 hours surveillance

July 3, 2015


In the past few months, the Nepal Police has made its presence conspicuous in the vicinity of the residence of Dr. CK Raut in Rajbiraj, Saptari District. The number of personnel ranges from 2 to well over a dozen, rising when they think Dr. Raut has reason to leave his home. They have placed Dr. Raut under 24-hour surveillance, and to do so, they have rented a house nearby and deployed some female members of the police there too. The police personnel have been doing their assigned job, however this is obstructing day-to-day life of Dr. Raut. Even his family members are living in fear due to constant surveillance. (more…)

Dr. Raut’s privacy and security at stake

Police intrudes Dr. Raut’s privacy and security badly keeping him under house-arrests; keeps peeping through his house’s windows at midnight; family lives in police’s terror