2015 April 14


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Re: Dr. CK Raut head and arm injury from brutal police suppression in Jhapa district of Nepal; Physicians treating Dr. Raut fast in Nepal Police custody, One hospitalised


On April 4th, Nepal Police intervened in a peaceful mass assembly of Madheshi people around 2:00pm in Rajgadh Bazaar of Jhapa district, and used excessive force on Dr. CK Raut, the central coordinator of the Alliance of Independent Madhesh, and his supporters. Dr. Raut sustained head and shoulder injury, and 18 other people were injured too, from indiscriminate baton-charge by Nepal Police.  Dr Raut was hospitalised in Mechi Hospital by Nepal Police and after release at midnight, he was again admitted to the private Nobel Hospital in Biratnagar. Local women and shopkeepers were thrashed too, and 61 were taken into custody by police. Thousands of supporters who came from villages to participate in the peaceful assembly were harassed by the police on their way. Anyone with dark complexion who looked like Madheshi people were detained, harassed and physically manhandled by the Nepal police. The people targeted by Nepal Police include a large number of indigenous people called Rajbanshis, Tharus and Santhals, who typically have dark skin.




“Dr. CK Raut was attacked by Police during peaceful mass assembly”

Jhapa, Nepal 4th April, 2015, Saturday, Nepal police intervened in a peaceful mass assembly of Madheshi activists around 14:00 at the aboriginal place of Madheshis in Rajgadh Market of Jhapa district, used excessive force on Dr. CK Raut along his supporters. Police arrested him along five dozen of activists working for freedom of Madhesh.
Later, Dr. Raut was admitted in hospital due to injury. Police have disrupted the peaceful assembly by unlawfully arresting Dr. Permeshwor Murmu, Dr. Sanjay Sah, Ram Bilash Mehta, Soren Sharma, Bishweshwor Mandal, Tabrej Alam, Tapeshwor Lal Karn, Asha Jha, Ashok Mehta, Jiban Gupta, Shyamanand Sharma, Shotelal Shoren and a dozens of other civilians. Nepal police blocked members to attend the assembly who were coming from villages based on black skin color.
Thousands of supporters who came from villages to participate in the peaceful assembly were harassed by the police on their way. Anyone of dark complexion who looked like Madheshi, an ethnic minority group of Nepal, going for the general assembly were harassed and physically manhandled by the Nepal police. This is a racially motivated aggression of the police towards the minority ethnic group and it exposes the color discriminating mentality of Nepal Police. The Government of Democratic Republic of Nepal is using excessive force to disturb the peaceful assembly of aboriginal ethnic minority civilians.

The Government of Nepal (GoN) shows no concern or support for the legitimate case of the peaceful participants like Dashrath Mukhiya, an aboriginal of Jhapa who has become landless in his own native place. We need to be aware and proactive on these issues, otherwise people like him, and many more ethnic minorities of Madhesh will become landless refugees very soon in their own native land. (more…)


Sadbhawana Party President Rajendra Mahato was full of rage against Congress and UML leaders during his interview with Republica last week. He pointed to “KP Oli tendency” in NC and UML as the major hurdle to progressive state restructuring and accused them of misrepresenting the demand for separate Madhesh province as the demand for a separate country. He threatened civil war or opposition protests ending as a movement for a separate country in Madhesh if inclusive federalism was not granted.


संविधान निर्माणका विषयमा कांग्रस एमाले र प्रतिपक्षीविचमा रस्साकस्सी चलिरहेकै बेला एमाले अध्यक्ष केपी ओलीले भने पीके र सिकेको भर पर्नु हुन्न । उनले एमाओवादी अध्यक्ष पुष्पकमल दाहाल र डा सिके राउतलाई संकेत गरेर टिप्पणी गरेका थिए ।


राजकुमार श्रेष्ठ

विभाजित माओवादीवीच एकताको कुरो चलिरहेका बेला एउटा समूहका नेता मात्रिका यादवचाँहि अलि फरकरुपमा प्रस्तुत भइरहेका छन् । माओवादी पार्टीहरु मिल्नुपर्छ भन्दा यादवले किन प्रचण्डसँग एकता गर्नेबारे अरुची प्रकट गरेका होलान ? यसबारे जिज्ञासा राख्दा उनले प्रचण्डलाई ‘रोडबाट खसिसकेको गाडी’को उपमा दिए ।


Campaign by Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) for Free CK Raut

Save Dr. C. K. Raut from life-imprisonment and physical attacks

Free CK Raut

Free CK Raut

Police brutality, violence and suppression of peaceful movements in Madhesh/Terai of Nepal; excessive force used on mass assemblies of Dr. Raut physically injuring dozens, Dr. Raut leg fractured in police intervention, hundreds of detentions and several fake public offense cases filed against activists…

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NEW DELHI, MAR 03 – Former Prime Minister and senior UCPN (Maoist) leader Baburam Bhattarai has said India should play a positive role, similar to one during the 12-point agreement in 2005, in order to end the existing political deadlock in Nepal.

indias-role_20150303081220Speaking at an interaction attended by former ambassadors and think tanks in New Delhi on Monday, Bhattarai said India’s expectation of peace and stability in its neighbourhood should not be misinterpreted. “Your role is essential to conclude peace process and the political-economic prosperity in Nepal,” he said.

The interaction on “Current Developments in Nepal” was organised by the Society for Policy Studies, a think tank of Indian journalists and policy analysts, and the India International Nepal.

Stating that a conservative force in Nepal is creating illusion that India was behind the Maoist movement in Nepal, Bhattarai said his party sought India’s support and cooperation whenever needed. (more…)