Secessionist CK Raut arrested in Janakpur

Secessionist CK Raut arrested in Janakpur
February 2, 2017 21:15 PM Suresh Yadav

Secessionist CK Raut arrested in Janakpur

JANAKPUR, Feb 2: Police on Thursday have arrested Chandra Kanta Raut better known as CK Raut, who is active in the tarai demanding that the southern plains be separated from Nepal

Raut was arrested at a time when the government was being criticized for doing nothing to those who have been openly talking about disintegrating the country. Following complaints, Siraha district police office had written to the Dhanusha district police, asking the latter to arrest Raut on the charge of ‘organized crime against the state’.

Dhanusha District Police chief SP Lalmani Acharya said that Raut will be handed over to Siraha police soon.

Raut, a permanent resident of Siraha district, had been living in a rented room near the old Janakpur Bus Park for the past six months. United under banner of Alliance for Independent Madhes (AIM), Raut and his supporters have been organizing gatherings in various parts of the country.

At a function organized on the premises of Pashupati Adarsha Higher Secondary School on January 18, Raut had spoken for about 11 minutes in which he had publicly stated that the tarai should seceded from Nepal.

Issuing a press statement Raut’s supporters have also confirmed his arrest. “Nepali state has yet again shown its racist color by arresting Dr Raut from Janakpur in an undemocratic manner,” states a press statement issued by Kailash Mahato.