Police arrested Madheshi rights activists’ Dr. CK Raut after harassing his kids & family



Police arrested Madheshi rights activists’ Dr. CK Raut after harassing his kids & family

Nepal, Janakpur. 02 February 2017, Nepal Police illegally arrested Madheshi rights activist Dr. Chandra Kant Raut after harassing his kids and family from Janakpurdham-4, Macha Bazar of Danusha district. More than a dozen of police personnel broke the lock of the gate and harassed his wife along his kids before manhandling and arresting Dr. Raut. Nepali state has yet again shown its racist color by arresting Dr. Raut in an undemocratic manner.

With this illegal act of detentation, the Government of Nepal (GoN) is violating Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article-19 once again. In spite of the release provided from the Supreme Court of Nepal on the charges of treason by GoN, Nepal police have continually been arresting and harassing Dr. Raut, his famimly, staff, his colleagues and distrupting his peaceful programs too. On the occasion of martyr day, Dr. Raut addressed a large mass of Madheshi people on 18th Jan, 2017 at Lahan, Sirha, Nepal.

He has been advocating for freedom of Madhesh through peaceful and non-violent means and is affiliated to the Alliance for Independent Madhesh (AIM). He was Born in Saptari, holds a PhD from Cambridge University, and has worked as a scientist in the USA prior returning to Nepal to advocate for the rights of Madheshis. He has also authored ‘A History of Madhesh’, ‘Madhesh Swaraj (Self-rule)’ and ‘Denial to Defense (autobiography)’.

AIM is an alliance of Madheshi diaspora, activists, parties and various organisations working for the independence of Madhesh through non-violent and peaceful means following the principles of Buddha, Gandhi and Mandela. AIM advocates an end to Nepali colonization, racism, slavery and discrimination imposed on Madheshis. It stands for three pillars: (a) Independent Madhesh (b) Democratic System, and (c) Peaceful and Non-violent Means.

Acknowledging that the right to freedom of speech, movement, peaceful assembly and association are the fundamental rights of all human beings everywhere, as also mandated by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, of which Nepal is a signatory, we expect acknowledgement and assurance of our rights from the state and its agencies. We also appeal to all the state and non-state agencies, human-rights organisations, journalists, political parties, diplomats and international communities to oppose any violation of human rights by the state and its agencies.

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