Press Release – Nepal Police’s crackdown on Madheshi activists / On Human Rights Day

Press Release
2015 December 10

Nepal Police’s crackdown on Madheshi activists / On Human Rights Day, police arrests more than a dozen from Sarlahi for trying to hold an interaction program

12341544_1038757016165788_2129442968834382598_nOn 10th December, Nepal Police have foiled a peaceful interaction program in Sarlahi district and have arrested more than a dozen of Madheshi activists, including Kailash Mahato, the sub-coordinator of the Alliance for Independent Madhesh, the chief guest for the program. The arrested people include senior members Dharma Lal Ray, Hridaya Narayan Chaudhari and Saroj Yadav. The police used force and threat to disperse the gathered mass of about three hundred people, and vandalised the program venue.

Similarly, on 7th December, Nepal Police arrested Roshan Sah, the proprietor of the Ashutosh Printing Press from the Patan Industrial Area in Kathmandu on the accusation of “printing pamphlets with Buddha Gandhi and Mandela on its cover and biography of Dr. C. K. Raut on its back.”[1] Police have filed a public offence charge against him. He is still under custody. (more…)