Dr CK Raut addressing a mass meeting in Kathmandu on 31 March 2012

Dr. C. K. Raut leads the Alliance. Born and brought up in Madhesh, he holds a PhD from Cambridge University, UK. He worked as a scientist in the USA, prior to returning to Madhesh in 2011 to serve the cause of Madhesh and Madheshis. He has been also the founding president of the Non-Resident Madheshis Association, which works to promote the cause of Madheshis internationally. He is also the founder of the Injot Movement, an initiative for social transformation targeted at Nepal, Bangladesh and Ethiopia. He is a recipient of Youth Engineer Award, Mahendra Vidhya Bhooshan, Kulratna Goldmedal, Trofimenkoff Academic Achievement Award among others. His autobiography ‘Vairagdekhi Vachavsamma’ is also published (Nepali translation of ‘Denial to Defence’).

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