1. Prepare human resources and infrastructures required for an independent Madhesh. (Establish sustainable administrative and physical infrastructures in every districts, villages and wards; Prepare national infrastructures such as national planning commission,  think tank, media house, national newspapers, radio and TV channels for Madhesh; Train administrators, army and police.)
  2. Make Madhesh caucus in the parliaments of India, China, USA, UK and other countries and gather international support for an independent Madhesh.
  3. Form the Government of Madhesh, and institutionalise Madhesh as a sovereign nation and establish democratic process and structure in the country.
  4. Issue citizenship certificates and passports of Madhesh
  5. Establish diplomatic relations with other sovereign nations of the world, open diplomatic offices in their countries and request them to open their offices in Madhesh; Establish multilateral relations with world bodies like World Bank, Asian Development Bank etc.
  6. Apply for a membership in the United Nations and establish Madhesh on the world stage.
  7. Obtain the rights for the Madheshis in India according to the Nepal-India friendship treaty of 1950 and further advocate for the privileged rights of Madheshis in India.
  8. Voice against the racism and discrimination Nepal imposed on Madheshis in the International Court of Justice and demand for the compensation; Arrange for lifelong security and support to martyrs’ families, injured ones and others tortured by the state.
  9. Expand the network of Madheshi organisations in the world, and raise awareness about Madhesh and Madheshis in the world.