Madhesh Movement 2007-2008

In December 2006, in Nepalgunj, Pahadis attacked violently on Madheshis peacefully protesting against the interim constitution failing to address their issues. The ruling class people supported by local police and administration went on rampage for days and beat Madheshis and burnt their houses and shops. Similar incidence took place in Lahan, flaring the movement all over Madhesh. The movement continued for three weeks. Then, on and off, it continued to the next year. During the movement, the government had deployed
a large number of armed police forces , and imposed curfews for several weeks. United Nations reported “an excessive use of the force” and “the forces taking quick action against individuals violating curfews in an excessive and unnecessary way” during the movement.  More than fifty-three Madheshis were killed and thousands of  them were injured in the movement.